Chris Arballo who has been involved in the surf industry for over 25 years started Ten Over Longboards and Christian Surfboards in the early 90'S.

Retired from the L.A. City Fire Department, Woody as he was nickname by his co-workers started shaping his own board after being frustrated with surf shops getting his board order wrong. Within months of shaping his first board friends and neighbors over whelmed him with requests for a new board. Not even having a name or logo Woody quickly went to work on a logo and came up with the name Ten Over, a term his brother and him used to describe getting ten toes over the nose well surfing. When his son Christian found his love was shortboarding, Woody again came up with a logo and started Christian Surfboards for his son.

Before long Woody had a long list of surfers ridding his boards. As his shaping skills improved so did his list of customers and before long the Ten Over Longboards and Christian Surfboards Teams were born.

In 2014 Christian Started shaping boards well attending college in Santa Barbara.  After moving back to San Diego Christian continued to learn and develop his own ideas on what he loved to ride and in 2018 Soul Style was created as his own brand.

Woody has always had an eye for talent and has handpicked his team from today’s hot youth. His goal is to help surfers who have a great attitude, enjoy surfing and who want to represent the sport of surfing is a positive way. He wants his boards to also have an impact on the world of surfing, a high quality surfboard at a reasonable price.

If you are in the market for a new board and not sure which board will be right for you, then you need to give Woody a call. He is always willing to help answer any questions you may have weather you buy a board from him or not. Because getting the right board can make all the difference in the world. Please feel free to call us, you will be happy you did. Lastly we leave you with this: If your not having fun, then you shouldn't be surfing, enjoy the ocean, enjoy life and keep on surfing..........................