Board finds it way to New Jersey

How one of our boards ended up in New Jersey

We’re just common folk, not going around buying and selling cars, but we appreciate antique cars. About 5 years ago I bought the small ’32 Packard Sedan you see in the photo. That’s been our baby, but Donna always wanted a ’55 Nomad. Given the cost of the Nomads, she settled on looking for a ’48 Ford Pickup, but was worried how she would take our Golden Retriever and Bernise Mountain Dogs for a ride. When Donna was 5 her mother died of Hodgkins. When she was 25 she had

stage 4 Hodgkins and went thru a year of chemo and radiation treatments. She had been cancer free since until last December when she noticed a lump in her arm. At 60 she had cancer again, and went thru another year of chemo and radiation. She was declared cancer free in December, and is just getting her hair back, as you see in the photo. Back in July during the treatments, we decided that at the end of treatments we would get her the truck she wanted. In looking at ebay over the holidays I found the 48 Ford Woody in Oceanside, complete & running at a reasonable price. Apparently the owner purchased it last year from someone in Lancaster, CA that had it since 1974. I never figured to afford a real Woody, but we took the chance, bought it, and had it delivered here Sunday. The owner advertised it with the surfboard, and that’s how I contacted you.

Thanks Mark and Donna for the great story. We hope the car and board will help in the healing prosses. Good luck and God Bless!

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